Exciting news! Dechra now distributes Numnuts and NumOcaine, aligning with our product range dedicated to animal welfare. These solutions offer compassionate over-the-counter practical options for animal husbandry procedures and are readily available nationwide.

Our online store is now closed, however, click here to find out how to buy Numnuts products. Thank you for your continued support.

How to arrange your NumOcaine Supply

NumOcaine is an APVMA Schedule 4 drug and can only be supplied by registered Veterinarians.

To arrange your supply:

Step 1. Contact your vet:

You should start by contacting your usual vet (the vet you already have a relationship with). If they are registered as a NumOcaine supplier they be able to supply you with NumOcaine within 3 working days. If they are not already a NumOcaine stockist, ask them to register with us online (a quick and easy process) and they will be able to supply you with NumOcaine in 5 working days. 


Please try to plan ahead and give your vet (and us!) as much notice as possible!


Vets can register to be a NumOcaine supplier here: www.numnuts.store/register-veterinary-practice-schedule-4/


Step 2. If you do not have an ongoing vet relationship:

 Use our interactive Vet Map to locate a local NumOcaine Vet stockist. Please keep in mind that a vet must have a bona fide professional relationship with you to be able to prescribe NumOcaine for your flock. This means it could take slightly longer to get your first NumOcaine supply from a new vet as they may have a new client on-boarding process before they can issue prescriptions.


NumOcaine Features:

1. Available as single bottles or in multi-pack formats — 8-pack and 64-pack options available

2. Temperature stable at 30oC — No fridges or cool packs required

3. 2-year batch life (unopened bottles), use excess stock next year

4. Once opened, use within 7 days

5. 1.5ml dose — No weighing of lambs needed

6. 65 doses per bottle: 8-pack = 520 doses, 64-pack = 4,160 doses

7. NumOcaine QCC keeps drug sealed and contamination free until point of use

8. QCC engineered from medical grade plastics for cleanliness

9. Quick, secure, hassle free bottle broaching

10. Safe dispensing

For more information:

Check out our FAQ page here

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