Exciting news! Dechra now distributes Numnuts and NumOcaine, aligning with our product range dedicated to animal welfare. These solutions offer compassionate over-the-counter practical options for animal husbandry procedures and are readily available nationwide.

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Numnuts gets the thumbs up!

The latest edition of Beyond the Bale (Dec 2019) features an interview with Audrey Bird, one of our Numnuts pioneers, talking about her experience using Numnuts earlier this year:

We definitely noticed an improvement when using Numnuts, both in the yards and when walking them back to their paddock. In the yards they were visually calmer, and appeared to be experiencing less pain and when they were going back to their mums they weren’t squirming around like they can sometimes do. They walked back to the paddock and mothered up easier.”  

— Audrey Bird

Check out the full article, ‘Numnuts Gets the Thumbs Up in WA‘, in your copy of Beyond the Bale (page 40), or read it online here

Also, in the December edition is a handy Pain Relief FAQ, covering ‘Anaesthetics and Analgesics Widely Adopted By Woolgrowers‘. If you want a concise overview of the current information on your pain relief options for lamb marking and/or mulesing it’s definitely worth a read.  Find it in your copy of Beyond the Bale (pages 36 – 39), or read it online here

You can read the full December issue online at Beyond the Bale here

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