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Numnuts in Action

Numnuts is entirely unique. No other device exists that allows farmers to provide targeted pain relief to lambs during tail docking and castration. Here are some of the reviews we’ve received from our pioneering customers.

Numnuts Case Studies

Aloeburn owners, Andrew and Jodie Green, pride themselves on providing high quality fleece and meat products while also maintaining high welfare standards.

The Greens have found that by using Numnuts their lambs were back on their feet, and back to their dams, much faster. They have now integrated Numnuts into their regular lamb marking routine for both their Merino stud and main flock.

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In 2019, the Patersons completed their first season with Numnuts, having applied one ring to each of their 10,000 lambs: docking tails of breeding ewes and castrating wethers. 

David says that they noticed immediate improvements in their flock’s behaviour after marking, with lambs recovering quickly and mothering up taking far less time.


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The management team at Avington pride themselves on their first class animal welfare standards. When Numnuts hit the market in 2019, Avington was the first commercial farm to jump on board the new system for lamb marking. 

Numnuts allows Avington farm manager Kyle Cordy and his team to provide best practice targeted pain relief, safely and quickly at a large scale.


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User Reviews

Numnuts Case Studies

Find out about the Numnuts journey taken by farms all over Australia and how the Numnuts system fits into their farming practices.

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Numnuts on Farm Videos

Noel Henderson | Avington Merino | Ethical Farming with Numnuts®

Avington Merino owner, Neol Henderson, was one of the first commercial Merino farms in Victoria to use Numnuts in 2019. Before Numnuts existed, a vet would come out and provide a local anaesthetic to lambs being castrated by rubber rings. The emergence of Numnuts has made that process more efficient and his farm team can now provide best practice pain relief with rubber rings.

Kyle Cordy | Avington Merino | First Impressions of Numnuts®

Avington Merino's farm manager, Kyle Cordy, gives his first impressions of using the new device. This video was taken after Kyle had had a brief training session from Bendigo Sheep Vets and carried out about 30 applications to get his eye in.

Tom Wilson & Son | RG Farming | Using Numnuts® - Day Two

Tom Wilson, based in NSW. His 2nd day using Numnuts for lamb marking with his side by side cradle. Tom marked 300 lambs on his first day, getting used to using the new system. On Day two, he and his family completed 1,500 lambs and were pleased with the results.

Audrey Bird | Windorah Farms | Numnuts® First Use in WA

The Numnuts team travelled to Windorah, 250km east of Perth (WA), to undertake an early trial run of Numnuts with Audrey Bird's cross bred early season lambs... Here is what Audrey thought about using Numnuts pain relief!

Adrian Telay | Lamb Marking Contrator | Numnuts® in the Balmoral District VIC

Lamb marking contractor, Adrian Telay, trialled Numnuts under work conditions and talks about his experience of using the new device.

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