Exciting news! Dechra now distributes Numnuts and NumOcaine, aligning with our product range dedicated to animal welfare. These solutions offer compassionate over-the-counter practical options for animal husbandry procedures and are readily available nationwide.

Our online store is now closed, however, click here to find out how to buy Numnuts products. Thank you for your continued support.

NumOcaine® Change over – Fast & No Fuss

Changing bottles over on your #Numnuts device is fast and straightforward, due to our patented ‘Quick Change Cartridge’. The Numnuts system has been developed based on two crucial requirements from the farming community:

  1. Farmers and contractors are looking for a fast, hassle-free method for changing bottles over on the tubeless Numnuts applicator (lambs get caught in tubes!)
  2. Veterinarians requested a simple, safe, tamper-proof system to allow them to dispense S4 local anaesthetic to farms, enabling farmers to provide best-practice welfare pain relief for large quantities of production animals, in a fast and efficient manner 

Check out the video below to see just how quick and easy bottle changeover really is!
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