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Responsible Wool Standard and how Numnuts Can Help

"The Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) is an industry tool designed to recognize the best practices of farmers, ensuring that wool comes from farms with a progressive approach to managing their land, and from sheep that have been treated responsibly."

There are a number of different accreditation schemes for wool and sheep meat producers. These schemes all vary in their specific requirements, but a consistent theme throughout them all is a focus on farming best practice and high animal welfare standards. Numnuts can help achieve these goals, by giving lambs the best start in life by reducing the pain that otherwise accompanies necessary husbandry proceedures.

Below, we’ve highlighted where Numnuts can help you meet the requirements of the RWS.

According to the RWS document Responsible Wool Standard 2.1 [RAF-101a-V2.1-2020.05.01]:

Section C – Animal Welfare Criteria

AW3. Animal Management (pages 22-24)

Desired outcome:

Animals are managed in a way that promotes good health and prevents disease. Sick or injured animals are treated. Husbandry operations are carried in a way that minimizes pain and distress.


AW3.9.1 For all methods [of castration], pain relief shall be applied when suitable pain relief is available.

AW3.10.1 For all methods [of tail docking], pain relief shall be applied when suitable pain relief is available.

Click here to download the full document from the RSW website.

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