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Numnuts | Tops Tips and Tricks

Get the best out of your Numnuts...

As with any new device, you may find that when you start using Numnuts in lamb marking, it takes a little practice before it becomes perfect. In our new video, we’ve gathered some tips from experienced users to help you get the hang of it quicker.

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Seeing NumOcaine on the fleece after injecting?

This can be caused by one of the following issues: 

  1. The needle is not going deep enough
  2. The injection is going into a wrinkle (more common on the testicles) 
  3. The needle is injecting directly onto the tail bone
Finding the right solution for you can prevent wastage of NumOcaine and prevent unnecessary pain for the lamb
Wrinkly Skin
Wrinkly skin is difficult to inject into

Numnuts Users Tips

The needle is not long enough

Having the needle too long can lead to NumOcaine being deposited in the wrong spot and having it too short will mean that the NumOcaine will be deposited on top of the skin. Adjusting the needle length by taking a 2.5mm Allen Key to the screw found under the 2 stage injector.  

Refer to the video  timestamp 0:13


Sometimes with highly textures areas the needle will pierce through skin but the NumOcaine will be deposited outside the skin into a wrinkle rather than under the skin. Using the scoop method to increase skin tension will decrease the amount of wrinkles around the scrotum and allow for more direct skin contact.  

Refer to the video, timestamp 1:16  or follow this link for further information

Hitting the tail bone

Hitting the lamb’s tail bone can result in the NumOcaine coming back out around the tip of the needle. To prevent this adjust the angle you are holding the device at and try again. After this adjustment you will feel that it is easier to deliver the dose and will not see any droplets on the fleece. 

Refer to the video 0:25sec or follow this link for further information

Improving ease of use

What other advice do our long time users have? Especially for first-time users?

  • Persist with it. This device is different to previous tools used to administer rings but after a while you will get the hang of it. 
  • Have something to put your device down onto. Whether it is a belt (time stamp 1:25) or a holder nearby
  • Make sure the ring is fully on the prongs before opening. 
  • Leave some NumOcaine in the fluid junction (the clear part) when changing over bottles. This will prevent wastage when priming it for the next bottle. 

If you have used Numnuts products before and have a tip that we haven’t shown here, or if any of these have been helpful for you, let us know. Comment on our video, review us on Facebook or Google or send us an email at info@numnuts.store

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