Exciting news! Dechra now distributes Numnuts and NumOcaine, aligning with our product range dedicated to animal welfare. These solutions offer compassionate over-the-counter practical options for animal husbandry procedures and are readily available nationwide.

Our online store is now closed, however, click here to find out how to buy Numnuts products. Thank you for your continued support.

Tray of Numnuts Needles (12 Needles)

Product Benefits

1. Quality needles
2. 18G for quick dispensing of drug
3. Stainless steel for cleanliness
4. Long needles, easier, less fiddly handling for regular needle changeover

What's In The Box?

12 Needles specific to Numnuts device

Recommended to needle change every 2nd bottle of NumOcaine™ (130 injections)


Tray of Numnuts Needles (12 Needles)

Regular needle changeover ensures a sharp needle, reducing the pain of injection and keeping injection resistance low for the operator. To reduce injection or cross-contamination of harmful bacteria or parasites, regularly change the needle every 130 injections (2 bottles), and/ or between each mob/ paddock.

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